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Tuesday, March 3, 2015


It seems humans are not the only creatures prone to overindulgence.  Last night, while I was working out, somebody wasn't his usual cheerful self.  I had noticed some scuffling noises from the pantry earlier in the evening, after dinner, but didn't really think much about it.  The dogs often scuffle around there, pushing Cody's empty food bowl in there, looking for missed bits of nasty dry crap.
Dog is always hungry!

I'd had the music up fairly loud while lifting, and DH had commented that Shiloh didn't seem to care for Steppenwolf, but she seemed to settle down when the Man in Black played.  Guess she likes classic country!  Indy seemed restless, but we put that down to the kids playing rough with each other, and yelling over the music, etc.
My favorite the kitchen!

When it was time for dogs to go outside, Indy was being a problem.  He wouldn't sit and wait, and kept trying to bull-rush the door.  Then he got spooky when DH tried to settle him down.  Eventually he went out, and came back in, refusing to wait for his paws to get cleaned of mud.  The kids got involved, and kept saying he looked "funny".  Not haha funny, strange funny.  Monkey3 said his belly looked wrong.
I can trip Mom from this position, I am sneaky.
Indy then lay down in the kitchen, rather submissively, and kept licking his lips.  Monkey3 promptly informed me she thought he was going to puke.  I grabbed a towel, and he bolted to the workout area where we got a hand back on his collar.  Then he began to make the hairball noise... you KNOW what happened next!   (No I did not take a picture of this!)

Upon inspection of the sizable mass of former contents of his stomach, I determined the Monkeys must have given him too many treats!  There were clearly a great many of the pink 'flavored' Milkbones present.  Of course they all vehemently denied over-treating the dog!  But they did all admit they had given him a couple pieces each.  But there was way more than a couple pieces each in that mass of...  stuff.

Police often refer to this as a clue...
Monkey1 however soon solved the mystery of the overstuffed dog.  In the pantry, on its side on the floor, was a formerly almost full box (7#) of Milkbones!  That was the source of the scuffling in the pantry heard earlier!  Somebody, whose name rhymes with Indy, had gotten headfirst (or is that stomach first?) into the box of dog treats, and eaten to his heart's content.  His stomach however, eventually rebelled.  Fortunately the only damage was to his pride, and my pocketbook.
Please Mom, I want some more!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Cody!

He was just a starving youngling, when we first saw him.  He had gone from doggy hell, to a kill shelter, where they knew he was part Ridgeback, and called TIRR.  That was our third day in Texas...  TIRR brought him to us the next weekend, after feeding him 6-8 cups a day.  He was still nearly skin and bone, but no longer at risk of death.  He has been here ever since.

That was nearly twelve years ago, and his papers from the vet listed a birthday of 02/28/03.  So today, we celebrate Cody's twelfth year, a good and long life, for a big dog.  This will be his last birthday, we know , as his tumors are too large.  But he is not in any great pain, as best I can tell, and for what pains he will acknowledge, I have pills.  He has been seizure free since he got on phenobarbital last year, which has been a blessing.

Today he gets his more of his special home made peanutbutter dog treats.  He will get a milkbone or two (or more if my youngest Monkey has any say!).  And he is as comfortable as I can make him.  It's not a bad life for an old dog.  

Happy Birthday my sweet Cody!

Friday, February 27, 2015

The return of Random 5 Friday! 02/27/15

Yay!  My friend at A Rural Journal, has restarted her blog, and fired up the Random 5 Friday meme!  I always loved that one, so here are my random 5 for this week.

1.  I want my 70*F and sunny days back!  I am yet again, facing a forecast of snow and ice, and cold.  It's not that usual in DFW to have this sort of weather,but at least it is some form of precipitation, so maybe the area lakes will benefit.

2.  I always knew that countries rose and fell throughout history, but I never really thought it would happen here, now, in my lifetime.

3.  I've really been enjoying the weightlifting I have been doing this winter.  I am seeing some positive body changes, and I really like seeing my lift numbers going up.  I will never lift really heavy like the guys can, but I do pretty well so far, for an over-50 woman!

4.  We have been selling off some accumulated 'stuff' via ebay.  Hopefully this will help pay for the major fence repairs we will be doing this spring once it warms up.  I think we are all tired of ducking under the mule tape that is holding up the north side fence run.

5.  Somebody is always following me around, especially if I wander into the kitchen.  He thinks it is always Time To Feed The Dog!
It's THAT time, Mom!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Monster Under the Bed!

It has been a busy but pleasant Sunday morning thus far, despite an impending ice storm.  I was up a bit later than usual, having slept well, but not so late as to be unable to get the pork shoulder onto the smoker for some pulled pork for dinner, and to make some French Onion soup from Mom's tried and true recipe.

Whilst I was cleaning up from all this, and tending the smoker, I was unable to hear the sounds of distress in the house.  Eventually, my half-deaf DH heard the noise and responded to find a monster under our son's bed!

First, what greeted him as he got to Monkey2's room was this:  A room that appeared to have been "dumped"!  Had there been a struggle?  Where was Monkey2?

Then there was muffled noise, and much thumping!  It came from the area of the Captain's bed.  DH began to lift the mattress and flat board.  There was movement!  A monster!  Quick, somebody get the shotgun!

 Wait, is that a monster, or is it a Monkey?  I see a hand...and a familiar looking watch.

DH lifted the board that supports the mattress, and covers the Captain's bed storage area.  What emerged, was a somewhat monstrous, somewhat embarrassed, Monkey2.

I have no idea what he was doing under there, or how long he was stuck!  What with all the junk he has stuffed under there to hide it, perhaps he was searching for my missing spoons?

Somehow, I doubt it!